Start the day like a winner

Top performers all have developed rituals or routines which they use to great effect which enables them to perform at a higher level.One of these positive habits which YOU could incorporate into your own daily rountine could be a Morning Declaration/Affirmation. Modern science now states in order to develop a new habit until it becomes automatic takes 66 days. Robin Sharma encourages all his students and participants on his legendary Titan Program to make it part of their daily lives. Here is an example of what he is talking about;


The Titan’s Morning Declaration

Today I stand for my highest and absolute best

I am fearless, curious, excellent and kind

Challenge provides fuel for my growth

Setbacks offer material for my progress

I think world-class thoughts

I speak world-class words

I live a world-class life that always amazes those around me

I am a lion not a sheep

I am a warrior not a victim

I am a leader not a follower

I am an icon, a legend, a possibilitrian

I think, achieve and play at 100x

So at my last hour I know I gave my best

I am a Titan and…I will honour the gift of this day!!

The credit for this material goes to Robin Sharma ( is a wonderful mentor and coach.


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