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If you truly want to live a full, exciting and wonderful life, one where you follow your passions and your heart; you are in the right place because together we can make that possible.

My ultimate goal is to help clients like you identify and maintain your desired lifestyle without the FEAR of ever running out of money no matter what happens.

This is an alternative approach to financial services which involves telling people the truth about money. And the truth about money has nothing to do with, “This retirement pension plan is better than this one or that savings and investment policy is the best”. What we’ve found is clients want to know, how much is the life they want going to cost them?

Until I know about you and what you are trying to achieve, I have no right to talk to you about or tell you what to do with your money. I can’t guarantee that you will have any interest or benefit from what I have to say…only you can decide that after an initial meeting. This meeting is at my expense and no cost to you.